Transfer a model from Pro 2019 to Make 2017

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I have a question. I started on Sketchup 2019 Pro a project but just with a Trial license. Sadly the time of the trial version is over and I couldn’t finish my project. I still have the old Make 2017 version from Sketchup on my computer but when I try to open the project there, a message appears which says I should upgrade. It’s possible to start a new project though. Is there a way how to run it on Make 2017?

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You can upload via browser to the warehouse and download a 2017 version
You can open it in the web version and download a 2017 version.

I tried it, but I can’t upload the model. An error message appears.

What error message?

You could also try using Eneroth Open Newer Version from the Extension Warehouse.

It’s a good idea to save back to an older version if you’re running a trial version of some software that you have no intention of upgrading anyway.


“Something went wrong while uploading your model. Please try again.”

How big is the model?


Attach it here.

Bolliger.skp (747.5 KB)

BolligerBox.skp (747.7 KB)

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Thank you so much! How did you do that?

I opened it in 2020 and Save As back to 2017

That makes sense. Thank you :slight_smile:

But there should be no reason why you can’t upload it to the warehouse or open it in the web version, for future reference.