2018 SketchUp Pro License expired now can't open up in 2017 Make


I downloaded SketchUp Pro 2018 on Windows machine, made changes to a bunch of models made in an earlier version resaved unfortunately not catching that I was saving them in Pro 2018 and Pro expired. Downloaded 2017 Make but it won’t open up the newer version models. I tried to remove 2018 Pro and reinstall to open the 2018 models and save them as 2017. Is it tied to my registry? Should I run a registry cleaner and try to reinstall? Any suggestions?


Upload to the warehouse via a web browser and download as 2017.
Or open in the Web version and download from there and it will open in 2017.

Expired 2018 Pro didn't turn into 2018 Make - can't open my file

Jeez…so simple. Thanks,


Went the Web version. Worked great. Thanks Sage.


This seems to be my exact same problem, but unfortunately I can’t figure out how to do what’s being said. Can anyone provide more details on how to upload the file to the warehouse. I’m apparently not doing the right thing.


Did you ever get an answer to your question? If not, open up the on-line version of SketchUp. Go to the file folder, click on add model and then select browse. You should be able to select any of your files from your local drive and upload them to the cloud. Once they are there, open each one individually and select the file folder again and select “download”. You will now be able to drag these onto your local drive from your download folder and open them up in SketchUp 2017. Good luck.


i have the exact same problem but my sketchup file are all above 50MB. most of them are around 150 - 200MB.
I cant open any of my file.

I wish there were sketchup make 2018 so i can revert it back to 2017


It’s unfortunate that you didn’t back save the files before the trial expired since you weren’t going to buy Pro anyway. Did you try opening them with SketchUp Free?

How many files have you got that need to be back saved? Perhaps you could hire someone who has 2018 Pro to do it for you.


It’s is ridiculous that they don’t do a update/patch so that SketchUp Make 2017 can at least open files from SketchUp Pro 2018.
I did not know about SketchUp Make 2017 when I started using Pro 2018, I thought it was the same as the previous versions and would be free for non-commercial use. Yes I probably could have paid more attention and spent more time searching, but I was simply trying to put SketchUp back on a new OS install.
Having to upload/open dozens of files only to download them is a complete was of time.
Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to upload/download Pro 2018 files to Make 2017 for anyone that still need them:


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