Expired 2018 Pro didn't turn into 2018 Make - can't open my file


I used sketchup pro on my old computer and after the 30 day trial I believe it switched to sketchup make, which was free, and so I continued to use that. However, we got a new computer and when I went to download sketchup, I got the 2018 pro version. Now that 30 days is over, the 2018 pro version didn’t automatically switch to 2018 make (free) and I can’t figure out how to open my saved pro file in anything else, even though I’ve since downloaded the 2017 make file. How do I open my 2018 file in a free program when I can’t get into the 2018 program to save the file as a different year’s format? Could I email this 2018 file to someone with Pro and they save it as 2017 make and email it back to me? I’m not sure what to do. Thanks so much for your help.


Your easiest solution is probably to upload it to 3D Warehouse, then download it in the version you need.


It won’t do that since there is no SketchUp 2018 Make.


Also please understand that there is no 2018 Make, 2017 is the last version. So a 2018 Pro trial can’t degrade to Make, it simply expires.


You could also use the solution suggested (by user @Box , here.

Namely, using the free web version of 2018 to open & then save (as version 2017) your models.


How exactly do I do that? Sorry for my lack of knowledge, and thank you for your help.


Go to 3DWarehouse (http://sketchup.3dwarehouse.com) and sign in. Then click the Upload link in the upper right corner. choose your model and upload it (if you want to keep it private, make sure to check the Private box). Once it has been uploaded and processed (this may take a few minutes), you can view the model on 3DWarehouse. If you click the download link, you will get a complete list of all the versions of SketchUp for which you can download a copy of the model. It will download into any previous version from 2014 on.


Awesome, thank you so much for your help. I’m working on designing our first owner-builder home. Is there a specific forum where members critique house plans or design ideas?


Please post your design to our Gallery section! It’s great to see what people have made with SketchUp!


I have it in the 3d warehouse; how do I post it to the Gallery?


Gallery is just a category here in the Forum. You can choose it when you make a new post. Just make sure you add an image or embed your model from 3DWarehouse by copying the code that is displayed when you click the Embed link just below your model name.


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