New Machine new problems

Been with SketchUp for over a year using Make. Bought a new machine and downloaded SU Pro 2018. The trial period has expired. I downloaded Make 2017 (latest version available). Old files won’t open. It prompts that I need to download version 18.0.16976. Help

During your trial period, using “Save” resulted in 2018 versioned files - which can’t be read (directly) by 2017 SketchUp (Make or Pro).

Here are your options:

  1. Upload your files to the 3dWarehouse using the website, then download the 2017 version the 3dWarehouse creates automatically a few minutes after you finish the upload.

  2. Have a friend with Pro 2018 open the files, then “Save As” 2017 version.

  3. Buy Pro 2018.

Is using SketchUp Free an option to access my files created with SU Pro 2018?

Yes. Although I have not used Free, I understand that you can upload models stored locally. Free does use 2018 versioned .skp files.

However, many on this forum feel that Free isn’t (yet) a decent replacement for Make. Many features aren’t (yet) implemented, and it relies on cloud connectivity.

I didn’t mention Free originally because you asked how to use your 2018 versioned files in Make 2017. I think Free does store your files in a Trimble Connect account, and I’m not sure if Trimble Connect does the same automatic conversions you’ll get using the 3DWarehouse upload/download option I gave.

Yes, you can upload your 2018 files to SketchUp Free and download them as 2017 files. See this explanation for more detail: Convert SketchUp 2018 files into 2017 (or earlier) files

At least there are options. Do you know where/how I get version18.0.16976?

You probably already have it! That’s the 2018 Pro you indicate you used to generate the files during the trial period. It’s still there unless you manually uninstalled it (SketchUp versions are separate installations that don’t remove previous versions). But to use it, since you’ve worked through the trial period, you’ll need to purchase the license.

Version 18.0.16976 is referring to the Pro version of SketchUp as there is no SketchUp Make 2018. You can either continue using SketchUp Make 2017 for non-commercial use, or purchase SketchUp Pro 2018.

Alright. I’m pretty much a novice. How do I upload my SKU 2018 file to SKU Free? I Downloaded Google Chrome.

In SketchUp Free, open a new file, then insert the file from your computer. To do this:

Click the folder icon, choose Insert. Then click on the laptop icon, then choose the file to insert from your computer.


Insert File

Once the file is uploaded into SketchUp Free, click the folder icon once again and this time choose “Download” and download as an SKP file. That should allow you to open it in Make 2017.

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