Convert SketchUp 2018 files into 2017 (or earlier) files

Made a small model in Sketchup Free, tried to download from my PC based Sketchup Make and received error message:

The file was created in a newer version of Sketchup.
You have version 17.2.2555
You need version 18
Please visit to get the latest version

But when I go to “Check for update” the message “You have the latest version of Sketchup” appears.


The latest version of SketchUp Make is 2017 but SketchUp Free creates SU2018 files. Instead of downloading directly to your computer, send the file from SU Free to the 3D Warehouse and it’ll make the conversion to SU2017 for you automatically. When you’re ready to open it in SU2017, open the 3D Warehouse and download the file from there.

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they download as and open in SU v17 for me…

I just tested again to confirm…


Hmmm… Other users have reported the same thing the OP posted. I wonder why the difference.

I’m on a mac, so are they saving as v17.3.116?

EDIT: just checked the hex and it says SketchUp Model{17.0.1}


The message reported has included the text, “You need version 18” so I doubt it.

@MarkM58 are you using a 3D Warehouse download…

@DaveR try this on your PC…

su_free_test.skp (338.8 KB)


It opened fine for me but I’m using SU2018. I got the earlier version message though.

in v18 I get this…

00 am

who’s the best person to ping? @Barry or the bossman @jbacus


Thank you, DaveR. Solved.

A quick update on the functionality of SketchUp Free. When a model is created and saved to Trimble Connect it is saved in the SketchUp 2018 format. This means that if you download the model from the Trimble Connect Web App it will be in 2018. You can access the Trimble Connect Web App by clicking on the Trimble Connect logo within SketchUp Free. If you download a model directly from within SketchUp Free it will be in the 2017 format. This decision was made to allow SketchUp Make uses to download and use the models in Make. For the initial question in this thread @DaveR response is correct or you could download the model from within SketchUp Free.


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