Save sketchup free to older version



Can I save to older file versions in SketchUp free? I’d like to open a model in an older SketchUp make version.



How old?
SketchUp Free saves to 17.1


Has SketchUp free always saved in SU 2017 format? I was sure it was in 2018 format.


If you download the file to your local drive it saves as a 2017 file. If you save it to Trimble Connect, it is a 2018 file.


According to that you could open a 2018 model with SU Free, download it as SU 2017 file and use SU Make 2017 (still available to download) to save it into an older version than 2017.


Yes, you could. In fact that is one of the recommendations give to people who have used the SketchUp 2018 Pro trial and failed to back save their model files before the trial period expired. It’s been mentioned numerous times in the forum.


You can upload it to the warehouse and download in a variety of earlier versions.


Which version of SketchUp are you trying to reach? How far back do you need to go?


SketchUp Free is able to open files ≤ 2018 and defaults to save files == 2017.
I guess for compatibility with SketchUp Make.


Thanks to all who replied. I didn’t realize that downloading from SketchUp free saved to the 2017 format. Doing this has solved my problem.
@DaveR - This is exactly what I was trying to do. I had been using 2017 then I downloaded and tried 2018 not realizing that there wasn’t a 2018 Sketchup Make version.


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