I would like to know if my laptop is powerful enough to work in complex 3d models, or if the model I am trying to work in is faulty


I am quite new to Sketchup, I worked with it 10 years ago but I still remember the basics. I recently offered to help someone with a 3D Sketchup model from a 3rd party, but I have difficulties working in it.
When I open the 3d model, as soon as I try to select the furniture, or move it, the program freezes (screen becomes white and I can’t do anything but close and reopen).
It had many scenes in it (>14), and I managed to delete all scenes and only keep one tab in SketchUp. It works better, it doesn’t freeze, but I will need to re-add scenes, as I will have to do a video of the place.
Could you please tell me what do you think the problem may be? Is the laptop power ok (please let me know if you need more details about this)? Or it may be something wrong with the model?

I run the SketchUp Checkup test, to see if the laptop fits, and everything was ok.

I use Sketchup free for now, and my laptop is Intel core i7 8th Gen.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Can you post either the model itself via a file sharing service like Dropbox, or at least some statistics about it?

I was going to suggest looking in Model Info, which in the desktop version shows, in Statistics, the number of edges, faces, component definitions and instances, and some other things. But if that is there in the Web / Free version i can’t find it - the Model Info only seems to cover setting dimensional units and precision.

What version was the original model saved in? If it is v2017 or earlier, you could install Sketchup Make 2017 from this page: https://help.sketchup.com/en/downloading-older-versions.

If later, you could either download a trial version of SU 2020 Pro, or open the model in SU Free and save it to your computer in v17.1 (see Save sketchup free to older version).

Then open the model in either desktop version (within 30 days of the start of the Pro trial) and look in Window/Model Info/Statistics.

Take a screen shot of the Statistics window and post it here.

Various factors affect the speed with which SU handles the model. Things to try to speed it up include:

  • turn off Profiles in the Style window
  • turn off Shadows and Fog (from the Window menu in SU)
  • close Outliner and the Component Browser before opening or trying to view or edit the model
  • assign layers/tags to furniture and turn off visibility for those layers. Furniture loaded from the 3D Warehouse is often excessively over detailed and bogs down SU. Simplify it, replace over complex model with low-poly ones, or redraw them yourself (see Simplifying 3Dwarehouse models for use as entourage)
  • set View/Face style/Monochrome and work in that style until you need to animate or render your model with colour and textures

It would also help if you post accurate details about your laptop. Intel i7 is not a Graphics Card. See [Howto] Where to find Hardware Graphics Info for your SketchUp forum profile (wiki), and in particular post info about your graphics card, and update your profile.

You could also try the recently posted test model to gather statistics about how fast your computer is in handling a standard test model. You need a Desktop version to run that.
See Benchmark for SketchUp

We need more information to answer your question.

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