[Howto] Where to find Hardware Graphics Info for your SketchUp forum profile (wiki)

Where to find Hardware Graphics Info for your SketchUp forum profile.

:computer: Graphics Card Information for Apple Mac:

A. Open the Apple menu from the menu bar.

B. Choose “About this Mac”.

C. Drag select the info shown after “Graphics”, and use ⌘C to copy.

D. Switch back to your browser.

E. Then use ⌘V to paste into the Graphics Card field of your forum Profile.

  • It should look something like: “ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro 256 MB

F. Repeat, for the Operating System version.

  • ie: “OSX 10.11.4 (15E65)

(Note: a few Macs, such as MacBook Pro Retina have both integrated graphics and a higher-power adapter. The system switches between them as needed. To assure that you are seeing the one SketchUp uses, open SketchUp before doing the steps above.)

:computer: Graphics Card Information for MS Windows:

If you can open SketchUp:

  • Some notebook computers will only show “HD Integrated Graphics” or “Intel HD Graphics Family” (or some similarly vague description) in System Information or Device Manager. If this is the case, you might be able to get a bit more detail from within SketchUp as follows:

A. From the menus: Windows > Preferences

B. Choose “OpenGL” in the left panel

C. Click on “Graphic Card Details” button
(or “Details” button in versions before v2017.)

D. You’ll see a bit more detail in the “Renderer” line.
Write this down (highlight, copy not available here!)
Use this for the Graphics Card detail in your forum Profile.

* Note that the “GL Version:” field has the max OpenGL version, then the OEM graphics driver Build version (separated by a dash.) In the example below, the OpenGL version is 4.2.0, and the Intel graphics driver version is

If you cannot open SketchUp:

A. Control Panel > System > Device Manager

B. Expand the “Display adapters” branch

C. Choose each one in turn (if more than 1.)

  1. Double-click to open it’s “Properties” dialog.
  2. Switch to the “Details” tab.
  3. Property “Device Description” > right-click on the description in the “Value” box, and choose “Copy” from the mouse popup menu.
  4. Switch back to your browser.
  5. Paste into the Graphics card field of your forum Profile (right-click “Paste”, or key combination CTRL+V.)
  6. Close the Properties dialog.

It should look something like “Intel HD 4000 Graphics
If necessary you can shorten it up, by removing the word “Graphics” or other extraneous words.
Minimum items need are manufacturer and model.

* Some ppl also add on the amount of dedicated graphics memory. (Integrated graphics share system memory.)

  • You can find graphics memory via the “Display” tabs in the DirectX Diagnostics or System Information applets.

StartMenu > Run... > dxdiag


StartMenu > Run... > msinfo32

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Thanks Dan I used to know that!!

Now how do I add the Display adapter to my profile?

You click your avatar (right end of the forum toolbar,) and on the avatar menu, select the gear icon to get to your forum “Preferences”.

Scroll down to the “Graphics Card” field and edit away,…

Sorry Dan but this is what I get when I click on my avatar:


I do not see a “gear icon”!!


Duh, found it under Preferences, the star icon, bottom last on right!!

It is right there in your image, just below the avatar (your “headshot”) and just to the right of the envelope icon, which is just to the right of the bookmark icon.

It is not a star, it is a gear with eight teeth.

Dan meant this gear-like thing;

ATI FirePro V5800 (FireGL V)
Thanks, for you support
Right now. Can not make component

@thomgeal, please put this information in your forum profile not in this thread.
See the instructions above on how to get to your preferences via the avatar menu.

in attached ZIP archive a Windows .BATch file which outputs all relevant data of the graphics adapter in a console window, copy content via the system menu (“icon at upper left corner > Edit >…”).

Download: Graphics_Adaptor.bat.zip (656 Bytes)

Thank you for your batch file.

YEP, it probably is my graphics card, although, I was working right along on my WIN 7 system for a few days with no real problems. Oh, I did download the SketchUp CheckUp utility and got much th esame results as with your batch file.

I’ll have to see if my techie can get another graphic card to complement the new mother board he installed on my system a couple of weeks ago.

Again, many thanks!!