BUG SPLAT When SU 2016 last rev

@philippe_carret Please update your forum profile with hardware / software information:

The file was created on Windows running a 32-bit SketchUp edition, at initial release of v2016. (16.0.19911)

SketchUp 2016 is now at v 16.1.1449 for 64-bit , and 16.1.1450 for 32-bit, editions running on MS Windows.

Please update to a non-Beta and MR1 version, and turn ON validity check in the General panel of the Preferences dialog. The checkbox is labeled “Automatically check models for problems.”

Here is the report from the validity check:

t3_validity_check.txt (192.9 KB)

Here is a fixed model saved from SketchUp 16.1:
t3_fixed_16.1.skp (1.5 MB)

Yes I ALSO got the BugSplat! upon closing SkecthUp 16.1.1449 as well.

BugSplat stills occurs (upon app close,) even when the “fixed” model is loaded.

BugSplat stills occurs (upon “Open New Model”,) even when the “fixed” model is loaded.

In all cases, the BugSplat Crash Repsonse page displays no useful information.