BUG SPLAT When SU 2016 last rev


A specific and reproductible crash here. I got a bug splat with SU2016 :

  • When opening this file
    t3.skp (1.5 MB)
    with rev 16.0.xxx
  • When closing the same file (16.1.1419 64 bits OS Windows Seven)

Any help is welcome.


FWIW, It opens and closes fine on Mac…

Opens and closes w/o problem on Windows 10 here.

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@philippe_carret Please update your forum profile with hardware / software information:

The file was created on Windows running a 32-bit SketchUp edition, at initial release of v2016. (16.0.19911)

SketchUp 2016 is now at v 16.1.1449 for 64-bit , and 16.1.1450 for 32-bit, editions running on MS Windows.

Please update to a non-Beta and MR1 version, and turn ON validity check in the General panel of the Preferences dialog. The checkbox is labeled “Automatically check models for problems.”

Here is the report from the validity check:

t3_validity_check.txt (192.9 KB)

Here is a fixed model saved from SketchUp 16.1:
t3_fixed_16.1.skp (1.5 MB)

Yes I ALSO got the BugSplat! upon closing SkecthUp 16.1.1449 as well.

BugSplat stills occurs (upon app close,) even when the “fixed” model is loaded.

BugSplat stills occurs (upon “Open New Model”,) even when the “fixed” model is loaded.

In all cases, the BugSplat Crash Repsonse page displays no useful information.

@TheOnlyAaron maybe not. On my Mac it gets the dread “don’t panic” message when I try to open it. The details sheet shows a component instance with no definition, a ton of faces with bad materials, and a component definition with an invalid name. If I let SU “fix” the model and then close the file without saving it, SU BugSplats. Crash Report #48059

Thanks for this feedback on Mac.
Any chance that someone in your team can test this file under Windows Seven ?

Many thanks for all these feedbacks,

Just to answer the question of Video Card :
I’ve got NVIDIA Quadro K4100M.
Doing a lot of 3d development without any problem
Model is probably the problem not sure it is the machine/graphic card.

I just did (test on Win7) and also get the Splats, … (and set at least 4 reports)

but ONLY if the model goes through a validity check.

  • It does not matter if the model is fixed or not.
  • It does not matter if the model is saved or not (fixed or not.)

Simply having been through the validity check,
SketchUp will splat upon close, or “Open New Model”.

The model has definitions named with tilde (~) and at (@) characters. (Not a good idea.)

Thanks for this advice.
Do you think this file has a chance to be treated as a new ticket by SU team ?

Certainly the BugSplats we have sent in will be taken seriously. Whether anyone can salvage the file is a different question.

Crash Bugs always get the highest priority, and then are ordered by most occurrences. (So always send in splat reports. “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”)

Can you give us some more background on how this “problem” file ('t3.skp") was created with these strangely named definitions and material issues ?

No problem opening the file in Make 2016 - 64 bit, 16.1.1449. But when I’m closing Sketchup the Error splat screen shows up.

i have sendt the error report.

We are software editor of a kitchen, wardrobe and cabinet software named www.kitchendraw.com
This particular object (“japanese” teapot) is coming from one of our catalogs.
We have developed the SU export with last trimble SDK. this export works 99.99 % but here in the forum is the 0.01% we encounter sometimes.
These catalogs are done by our customer or by us

Of course, we could “easily” filter some characters when doing our file SU export but we would need to know the exact reason before doing anything.

Anyway thanks for all your Q/R.
I appreciate it a lot

I can make an error free ‘fixed’ version thus…
Fix the Model when prompted as I open it [Prefs set to report errors but give me the choice to try and fix them - reports ‘fixed’].
Then Model Info > Statistics > Purge Unused…
Next I delete the two materials one at a time.
The DefaultMaterial one seems pretty superfluous, and it suggests an unusual importation process…
Once there are no materials, everything is fixed etc it opens/saves etc without issues for me…

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Crash Report #109414

I can also crash SU 2016 on this model. Crash Report #21503

Based on my probing of the model I think the issue is that somehow several edges have end vertices whose positions are identical (zero distance apart) but the vertices are distinct. That isn’t supposed to happen, and apparently it crashes SU!

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