Profile to add computer running program and graphics card

Im looking to update my info on my profile (ie my graphics card etc.) Where do i do this , cant see it on trimble account ionfo?
Daft question i know!

Click on the J in the yellow circle at the top right corner of the forum page. This is your current avatar. Then click on the person icon followed by Preferences. It should be clear from there.

Screenshot - 7_13_2023 , 8_38_46 AM

Screenshot - 7_13_2023 , 8_39_05 AM

Thanks DaveR
Could you suggest a different one for me as I am sre my Intel HD graphics 530 is not great on my windows 10 set up and sketchup. Ive done the sketchup check and got all good results but am having seriously slow issues in Sketchup and layout. Worse in layout! changing to vector or hybrid from raster takes at least an hourt or more - I left it overnight it was so slow!

Hi Joanna,

If you can add a graphics card to your computer lookat one of the current Nvidia GTX series cards with a bunch of RAM. It might be that you also need a better/faster CPU.

Intel graphics goes back to 2015 for its launch date.

Thanks Dave

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