Unable to Launch

[wiki] Where to find Hardware Graphics Info for your SketchUp forum profile

That looks like an AMD/ATI mobile graphics processor model number.

And that is your Intel GPU (4th generation iCore CPU with integrated HD4400 graphics.)

I’ve been testing on a machine, with Intel i3-4005U & HD4400 graphics, which works fine under Comodo Dragon (Chromium-based) v

Make sure your Intel graphics drivers are up to date:
Intel Support

So @kuifje, it looks as though you may have two graphics systems in your machine. You can usually tell applications to always use one or the other.

MSIE may be using your Intel graphics and Chrome may be using the AMD graphics. This may be why you see a difference.

Joy, It CAN be a Chrome problem. Some users are having issues with the latest Chrome versions. (Just because you do not, does not mean others will not.)

See topic: System requirements for launching my.sketchup

I explain how to get the current Chrome gpu settings, in this post: