SketchUp crashes on launch

SketchUp crashes on launch consistently. Just downloaded the installer and updated my NVidia driver today (Feb. 2, 2015). I submitted a Bug Splat for the first crash and didn’t bother for subsequent attempts.

Lenovo Thinkpad T520
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (Build 7601)
NVidia NVS 4200M
Intel Core i7-2640M 1.8 GHz

I tried running with Intel Integrated Graphics, but that didn’t work. Since this is a laptop, I also tried plugging/unplugging and turning the power settings up and down in case that altered the GPU’s behaviour. (I don’t know for sure that it’s a GPU problem―Just guessing!)


Hi Chris-

I found your bug splat report and it seems like SketchUp is crashing when trying to initialize a web browser window. Does Internet Explorer run on your system, and is it up-to-date?

(The crash report is #49798)


Can I configure SketchUp to use Firefox or Chrome?

Internet Explorer 9 is installed on my computer. It doesn’t launch. It doesn’t show up in Start menu search. It doesn’t show up in Add/Remove Programs. I can’t delete it from Program Files because of a permissions glitch. I tried downloading and running the IE11 installer, but it won’t run because “there is a more recent version already installed.”

In university I was forced to rent this laptop. When I graduated, they sold it to me for 1$. There are several latent software problems, but this is the first time one of them has actually caused a problem.

Here is a link for instructions on installing / uninstalling IE9. It’s not done through the normal add / remove programs, but through Windows Update.

SketchUp uses the system web browser (IE on Windows, Safari on Mac).

Uninstallation through Installed Updates fails. Internet Explorer doesn’t work on my system at all, even if I copy and paste a known-good installation from a near-identical, up-to-date computer. I must have messed up my system at some point and I’ll have to do some more digging.

EDIT: Yup, my system is pretty messed up. No IE, limited updates running, rescue disc doesn’t boot, and factory reset partition doesn’t boot. Might as well close this thread.