SketchUp 16 Pro


I’m having problems opening SketchUp 16 Pro.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled it twice. The initial “welcome to sketchup” dialog box comes up and when I hit “start using sketch up” it opens but then will sit not responding and won’t continue to open.

The sketchup layout program that is linked to this licence seems to open no problems.

Any suggestions?

Did SU ever work?

Install any plugins?

Update graphics driver?

Is Internet Explorer updated, with cache and cookies deleted? You may not use the default OS browser, but programs do…

I uninstalled it and reinstalled it yesterday and it was working fine. Came back to work today and it wasn’t working. I have since reinstalled it again so that I can continue working but I assume that once I restart the program it will again fail on me.

No plug ins. Updated my NVIDIA Quadro K2200 graphic driver. I use Google Chrome. What would the internet have in connection to this problem?


As catamountain said, you might not use it but SketchUp uses Internet Explorer on Windows. It doesn’t matter what your default browser is. Check to see that IE is up to date and that its security settings aren’t too high.

Internet explorer is up to date and the security is set to med-high

Try lowering IE security to medium.

The OS browser comes bundled with things programs need like javascript, webdialogs, etc. in addition to the program’s access to the Extension Warehouse, 3D Warehouse, grabbing locations from Google Earth…

When someone can use SU after it’s first installed then SU fails to function correctly thereafter is often a signal something is wrong with the graphics driver - specifically an OpenGL deficiency. You can try an older driver, but you have another variable - Win 10.

Some of the graphic drivers for 64-bit machines using Win10 have some OpenGL deficiencies for the 64-bit installation of SU. Uninstall the 64-bit version of SU and install the 32-bit version of SU instead.

try if disabling “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use Hardware Acceleration” (restart SU) helps.

if yes the OpenGL support of the nVidia Quadro (x64) driver may be the culprit, using te 32-bit version of SU might help in this context.

btw, a descriptive subject is always welcome.

If you are using a laptop or otherwise your computer comes with an integrated Intel HD graphics circuit it could help to check in the 3D application settings of the Nvidia control panel that SketchUp is set to use the Quadro card instead of automatic selection (that seems to favour the Intel graphics). Generally all Quadro drivers have worked well with SketchUp. I haven’t tested Windows 10, though.


Something else to think about…

SketchUp has to be installed as the administrator.
Just being a normal user with admin-powers is NOT the same thing.

If you did not do this installation properly, then uninstall SketchUp.
Find the SketchUp installer exe file and right-click its icon > context-menu > Run as Administrator…

Now it should be installed properly…