Sketchup not working

Sketchup stopped working suddenly. So I uninstalled and reinstalled sketchup make 2016. The sketchup start window opens. When I click start using sketchup nothing happens. Doesn’t open. When I shut down the internet, the software opens, but the keyboard shortcuts don’t function. How do I rectify this problem. I use Kaspersky antivirus software.

Your description fails to indicate your system setup. It is almost impossible to pinpoint your problem from the information provided.

I would start with a full scan to confirm that no virus exists on your computer. It may help to run a program such as Ccleaner to put the registry in order. Because you are on a windows based system, you could also perform a system restore to place your system back to a time when the system was known to function properly; and after these procedures, reinstall SU. Hopefully this is helpful.

Filling out your system information in your forum profile may help people diagnose issues…

Any SU plugins installed?

Is the graphics driver up-to-date?

Like other programs, SU uses the default system browser, IE, for many things, like internet access, javascript, and dialogs. So make sure IE is up-to-date and clear its cache and cookies.

The SU was working fine. There were no problems. But then it suddenly
stopped working. I have used cc cleaner and done the needful. I use google
chrome as my default browser. I use Kaspersky as my anti virus software. I
will check out the system parameters and let you know.

As suggested I did a restore of system configuration. The SU is now
working. Thank you folks.

I’m glad it’s working again.

But FYI, programs use the default OS browser for many functions beside accessing the internet. As a Windows user, you will need make sure IE is up-to-date and maintained.

SU stopped working again and this time, I shut down the internet and SU
worked fine. I started the net and SU is not working again. I use Chrome as
my default browser.

You might use Chrome as your default browser but as catamountain wrote, SketchUp uses Internet Explorer. You must keep IE up to date.

Can you provide us with your graphics card and Windows version?

Thanks folks. Problem SOLVED. Upgraded the internet explorer. SU now
working fine. Thanks once again.

Warm regards.
Vijay kunchum.