Launching Sketchup (installing and repairing)

I have been using Sketchup for a while now.and had a computer crash. After reloading Sketchup, it will not launch. I uninstalled and reinstalled the program, still nothing, I repaired the program via(uninstall) still nothing.

All I get is a Microsoft message that sketchup stopped working. Can anybody help?
I have already read all of the online helps.

How exactly did you reinstall? Did you run the installer with Administrator privileges?

I didnot. Are you familiar with my issue?

If you didn’t right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator, it was not installed correctly. There a many posts here on the forum regarding that.

Try installing again and use Run as administrator.

Every page in the Help Center shows a box as below.

Follow it and it will take you this page.

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Thanks everybody for your attempts at helping me get sketchup to launch. I guess I am just to stupid to make it work again on my computer. I followed all instructions on how to make it work but, it will not launch. My only regret is that I learned so much about the functionality of this product and now cannot use it.

I guess I will look for something else to use for my wood projects.

You might try the older version 2016, which is less demanding of your hardware.

There’s now a Make 2016 version link on a Help page on the SU website for people who can’t get 2017 to work because of hardware or graphics driver issues.

I can’t find the link from my phone, but will post tomorrow when I access computer.

What version of Su was you using when you were using it?;
Your profile states Graphics is laptop integrated;: Is this the same one you have been using. It is recommended tha SU use a graphics card. Check your PC( what ever it is?) settings and see if you have the option to use graphics card, if so you should activate it;
Your OS states is windows 7: Is this correct? I think it really should be w7 SP1 ;
Suggestion; select start on left side; select control panel; look for programs and features; select that and that should bring up a list of all the programs: See if SU2017 is listed and if so left select and there should be two options remove or repair. Try the repair and see if that helps;
If that does not work come back with results we may need to have you try with elevated command prompt.
In mean time please fill out your profile correctly it is not an academic exercise. It is used to help you.:slight_smile:
BTW while you are at the control panel select the system info and that will help you correct your profile.

SU v2017 has higher demands to the graphics driver (OpenGL v3.0)… try updating the graphics driver either by using the support assitant tool of the notebook maker or by downloading from their support download pages.

If an intel HD the driver version (or higher) is required.

You may want check the compatibility of your system with SU v2017 by running the Sketchup 2017 CheckUp support tool too.

Again, I have followed all the help suggestions to no results.
All my drivers are up to date.
All my updates are up to date.
I have loaded, and reloaded and, repaired this product numerous times. Installed and uninstalled many times
Hell, even the compatibility software will not complete it’s tests before it quits working.
And yes I have also done all this with admin. privilege.

I was using the last version of SU(2016), I’ll just go back to it, as I didn’t know I could I could get it until talking to you.
Thanks for the help.

If an intel HD (?) the driver version (or higher) is required.

Yes, this the version of my driver…

If you still can’t get SU 2017 to run, here’s a link to official download installer files for SU 2015 and 2016 Make, and 2015 Pro. Downloading older versions | SketchUp Help.

2016 Pro is available from Download All | SketchUp.

Your profile is incomplete, and doesn’t say if you are using Pro or Make. Please update your profile with more details of graphics card (manufacturer, model number) and driver version, and if you are using Win7 Home or Pro, with or without SP1 or SP2.

It will enable people to give you more accurately targeted help in future.

Are we wasting our time to help any more?
Thanks for the profile update:slight_smile:
If still interested did the SU sytem check give any indication of what problem if any it found before shutting down?
BTW my daughter is principal of High School in Glenwood.

What Graphics card are you using? How many Watts can your power supply deliver? You could be starving your system with the Graphic card. If the power supply is not large enough to feed both the system and the graphics card simultaneously, your system will fail Your power supply is more important than your graphics card. If the power supply gets dragged down, system operation fails. See my past posts about “What Graphics card is best for SketchUp 2017”. This post has an Excel spreadsheet showing minimum power supply requirement VS Graphics card power utilization.

the OP uses an integrated intel HD, pls consider to avoid this PSU gibberish in every thread with failing graphics output involved being OT the most time.

this is the version of your intel HD driver, at least according to your profile:

which is incompatible with the OpenGL support required by SU v2017.

Please do not attempt to dictate what I say or don’t say, I don’t do
that to you. If what I say helps someone, it’s a good thing. If the PSU
is does not produce sufficient power to support the system plus graphics
card, the system will fail! That’s a simple fact that can easily be
overlooked. One would be wise to NOT ignore this potential problem. I
spent many hours and a lot of work compiling this data on as many
graphics cards as I could find. I will not participate in a war of
words with you. Therefor, stop trying to pick a fight. It is
inappropriate in this forum.

[quote=“gregnier, post:18, topic:39175, full:true”]If the PSU
is does not produce sufficient power to support the system plus graphics
card, the system will fail! That’s a simple fact that can easily be
overlooked. One would be wise to NOT ignore this potential problem.[/quote]

99,99% of failing display output in SU is not related to a too weak PSU but regularly to problems with the OpenGL support of the used graphics card driver.

Certainly, there was never any intention to offend any body by my frustration with getting SU to reload. I am not normally a blogger as this is the first time I’ve had to ask anybody for assistance. Dell says I cannot upgrade my VG card any further. Initially , I did not realize I was trying to reload the latest and greatest SU version as I was using 2016. After getting my machine running again, I just reloaded SU, not realizing it was 2017. I’ve gone back to SU2016 with the reference from John Mc., and all is good. I can use all of my drawings again and, don’t have to learn a new format.

Thanks everybody and remember,

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