Launching Sketchup (installing and repairing)



Interesting…I wonder how you got such precise statistics?


I’ve just noticed that the link I provided earlier went to a help page in French, not English. No idea how that happened. Corrected above, and here’s the right link again for the downloads in English-language versions.

The French page seems to have out of date links to what it SAYS are v7.1 Pro and 6.4 Pro in french-language editions


selling SUP since 2003… never had a custromer claiming problems with the PSU but regularly w/ the faulty OGL support of the used graphics driver.

regardless of this, launching SU doesn’t issue a load on the GPU and in consequence to the PSU sothat crashes/hangs in this context are obviously not related to the PSU. If the PSU has a problem if e.g. stressed over a long time frame it’s typically not only the used application crashing but the whole system.


Been there. The Ati graphics card in my old luggable once failed. First came blackouts and finally blue screens.




i don’t have much technical ideas in terms of the system you’re using (software / apps or hardware issues). But, i think some of us experienced the one you were pointing out in here.

I think it’s either you’re going to use the lower version of SketchUp if your system specs is not that high… or, you’re going to upgrade your system if you’ll be using latest version of SketchUp.

i tried the latest version of skp, eventually my system can’t withstand the file whenever i’m rendering, so what i did was to use the earlier version instead of the latest one.


I ended up going back to SU2016. Cheaper than upgrading my system. 2016 is all I need.

Thanks or the input,