HELP, Can't open My Work

Hello All,

I recently downloaded a Sketch up PRO 18 trail to do a bunch of work for my university course. I knew the expiration date was coming up so I downloaded Sketch up Make 17 so I could keep working after my pro licence expired.

However now Sketch up is telling me it can’t open the files because they were created in a newer version of Sketch up. I’ve tried getting a new trial licence, I’ve tried uploading the files to the 3D warehouse (the majority of them are too big) and i’ve tried opening them in Sketch up free for the desktop but they do not appear anywhere.

What do I do?? I have like a week until I need to present this work and at the moment I have nothing to show for the weeks of work i’ve done except a handful of inoperable files.

You could buy SketchUp 2018. I’m not sure but I think it is cheaper for students.

This is probably not the best option in this case for the user,
although purchasing the program would avoid repetition of the issue.

Hello @c.t.norris

Respond to the Private Message I just sent to you. I can help.

If the SketchUp Pro 2018 trial has not yet expired, then you should be able to open each model in SketchUp Pro 2018 and “Save As” into a new file in SketchUp 2017 format, using the Type menu in the save-as dialog box. That new file should be readable by SketchUp Make 2017.

OP indicated that the Pro trial already expired.

I invited the OP to contact me by PM so that he (or she) could email the files which I in turn would save back to v2017 and return to him or her by email. (No response from OP as yet.)

Two additional options were provided in my PM to the OP:

  1. Easiest: upload 2018 work to 3DWarehouse, private models if necessary, and download 2017 version from there.

or if files are too large…

  1. Upload the models into SketchUp Free and then download them directly back to your computer. In doing so, they will save as 2017 files.

That wording made me wonder if the expiration had not yet arrived. Sorry to butt into a solved issue. :slight_smile:

No worries, but it’s not solved at the moment b/c OP may have gone to bed and not yet seen any of these responses.

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