Free sketchup make, is there a free version?

I have sketchup make, I thought it was free but I have 12 days left, whats the deal?

You have a trial version of SketchUp Pro 2018. At the end of the 12 days it will revert to the free desktop version SketchUp Make 2017.

Some features will be lost at this point unless you pay for the full license.

If you want to keep using your models you have created during this trial version you have to backsave them to V17 or earlier so you can still open them after the 12 days has expired. If not you can still open them in the free browser version SketchUp Free.

Thanks for quick reply, even having trouble replying, as I am a new user & have a lot to learn, do you think the features they remove will inhibit my learning?

No not at all, it’s fine to learn with. Some of the Pro features are things like exporting and importing various file formats. The tools themselves for the most part still work. I would go through the first three tutorial videos to quickly get the hang of it on the SketchUp you tube page:

Also have a look at to see lot’s of fun plugins that will be helpful once you get more advanced.

We are slow typers here in Australia, guess it a chilli morning in Sweden?
I had a look at the first tutorial link you sent, did well in part 1, but with the components & groups, did not work as it did on the video, he pulled the different parts apart when editing. When I created groups & components then went to edit them all the others disappeared so I couldn’t reference them?
Anyway, I shouldn’t bother you with all this stuff. Im sure Ill work through it.
One on one tutorial would be great, Ill set up some classes for you here in OZ

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Window>Model Info>Components. Untick boxes for Hide.

depends, if it’s a real Pro 2018 version trial it will stop working after the 30 days.

Oh really, are there different versions? I thought I had read here before that people who have downloaded the 2018Pro trial have that version revert to make after the 30 day period, or was that only the case with 2017Pro?

there is no Make 2018 and a Pro 2018 trial degenerating to a Make 2017 seems to be unlikely.

2017 is avail in 2 installable versions, the true Pro trial ceasing to work after 30 days and the Make running the first 30 days as a trial of the Pro and afterwards with the functionality mentioned above removed.

Ahh ok gotcha, I must have been reading on an old post where the OP was on a 2017 Pro trial thus reverting to 2017 Make once it ended. I think it was someone who had made some models and then was not able to open them again when they only had access to 2017. But that makes sense there is no roll back on the 2018 pro trial!

How sure are you about this? Version 2018 and version 2017 are different builds with some differences. The scenario you describe may have been true for SU 2017; but since there is no SU 2018 Make, thus the option to transition from SU 2018 Pro (trial) to SU 2017 Make probably doesn’t exist.

My advice would be, if you’re not going to buy SU 2018 then make very sure you have down saved whatever it is you’re working on to SU 2017 at least before the trial runs out. It will become a little tricky (not impossible though) to access your SKP file otherwise.

Yes I was proven wrong by @sketch3d_de

It’s not a problem for me I thought I was helping OP but bad advice on my part! I had misread this topic: HELP, Can’t open My Work

I thought the OP in this post had his version revert, but I misread and he actually downloaded Make17!

Sorry for late reply, seems like you guys are having fun solving the
So the bottom line is that when my pro trial ends, I go download Make 17?

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As mentioned above, if you currently have 2018 running within the Trial period, you will need to Save As any models you have made back to 2017 for them to open in Make 2017.
You can download and install Make 2017 without affecting 2018, they can run side by side.
I would install it before your trial expires so you know you can open your models in the older version.

Thanks Box, I don’t have any models worth saving🤔 but I will download Make
before it runs out

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FYI I snaped the licence, looks like Make pro

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In that case you are using the 2017 version of Make and it should simply revert when the trial runs out, so nothing you need to do.
Just agree to the terms when it asks you at the end of the trial.


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