SketchUp Pro trial expired!

I recently tried the free SketchUp Pro trial, but don’t feel I need it.

Now that my trial is over I cannot open any of my files in the free 2017 sketch up program I was using before.

How can I open and use these files? When I try to open any files it tells me the file was created in a newer version of sketch up. I was even saving most of the files down just in case this happened. Even files I didn’t use during the trial aren’t opening in the older free version! Please Help! I have lost so many files!

For that purpose, you could use the Eneroth3 plugin called Open Newer Version from here.

Or upload your files to the 3D warehouse, then download them in v2017.

John should have you sorted out but in the future, it would be wise when trialing a new version of software to save the file back to the previous version you have so that you’ll be able to open it without any gymnastics.

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