Error: "The file was created in a newer version of SketchUp" Going from 2018 Pro to 2017 Make after free trial expired

Error: “The file was created in a newer version of SketchUp” Going from 2018 Pro to 2017 Make after free trial expired.

Never wanted the Pro - loaded - used it - saved files - now it expired and I can’t open the files in 2017 Make. Can’t use my design files. Jeeze…

Any suggestions? Thanks!!

Use SketchUp Free or 3D Warehouse to convert them…


Tried the inline free - but the new downloaded files has an annoying “SKETCHUP” logo on the screen…

hello, you can also install the trial version of sketchup 2018 on another computer and save as 2017.

Styles >> Watermark…


3d warehouse? I can’t open the file in Pro to upload it to the warehouse… Am I missing something? Thanks!!

wish I had another computer…

you can upload your models directly from 3d warehouse internet page

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“watermark” - that means I can remove it? I’ll try… again thanks

good advise - I’ll try - thanks!

Both methods worked! 3d Warehouse seems to be the easiest. Thanks all for the suggestions!! Much appreciated.

hmmm I see no watermark selection in styles in su free.

The watermark appears when you create or edit a design in the online Free version, then download the file and open it in Make 2017. The watermark is on the screen and obnoxious. I deleted the file that did that, so I didn’t check ‘styles’ to see if I could make it go away. Probably can based on the advise earlier.

it’s there when SU Free skps are opened in the Desktop versions…


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Yep - tested it. After downloading the file, switch “styles” and it goes away.

Yes, I have the same issue. I don’t want the web version… is there a way around it?
I am using sketchup since it came out, and used the “pro” a few times before it expired, and then switched to the free version. SO this year doing the same, now I ended up with a few unusable files I worked on for weeks.

Install SketchUp 2017 Make. Download the SKP files from SketchUp Free and they’ll be saved as SU2017 files.

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