How to download from sketchup for web and open in make 2017

Hi. This is such a simple question I really feel like I’m missing something obvious. I’m trying to send a model that I’ve made in sketchup for web to a pal who ‘thinks’ he is using Pro 2020. I can’t figure out how to save as an older version in Web.

What am I missing?!

I also have Make 2017 if that would somehow help, but I can’t figure out how to open the model in that either!

The Web version cannot save as older versions of SketchUp, but you should be able to download the model as a Collada (.dae) file that can be imported into any older version. If your pal uses v.2021 or newer instead of 2020 he should be able to open your file directly. Or he could try Christina Eneroth’s Open Newer version extension(from the Extension Warehouse).

Your profile and your statements are confusing. Your profile says you have “Pro Plan” “sketchup for web”. Which version are you really using?

Oh my! I added that extension to my Make 2017 and it worked a treat, thanks so much

Web. All sorted now thanks.

Sort out your profile pleease. That information helps us help you but only if it is correct.