Saving from web a version to 2015 desktop version

Is there a way to save a file from the web version of sketchup to the 2015 desktop version?
I realize you can do this on the 2017 version. If not, Is there a way to download the 2017 version?

With this extension you could download any version of the file, and open it in 2015:

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Im sorry if I wasn’t clear. I know how to save the file as a 2017 file, I need to know how to save as a 2015 file.

Alternatively, If this isn’t possible, Is there a way to upgrade my 2015 version of sketch up to the 2017 version, so that I can transfer the models I currently have saved on the web version to the desktop version.

But you can use the plugin that Colin showed you to open skp files directly in SketchUp 2015.

Thank you guys, that helps a lot.

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Will the 2017 version or newer be a trial version only?

If you install SketchUp Make 2017 you will have the Pro version activated for the first month, then you will continue with the usual Make functionality.

For all other versions of SketchUp Pro 2017-2020 you will need a license, after the first month of trial.

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Did you previously have a SketchUp Pro 2015 license? If you did it would be worth checking to see if you have a later version license too.

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