2018 Pro Models Not Compatible with 2017 Users

When I create a model in Pro 2018 and send the model (saved as 2017 version) to an associated that is using Make 2017, they can no longer open the model. Their screen says model was created in a newer version. Help please. Bob

I suggest double-checking that the save was done specifying that the 2017 version should be used. Try opening that saved file with your SketchUp 2018; if the file is truly in 2017 format then your 2018 version of the software should (by default) warn you that it is opening a file from an older version.

btw, Make for non-commerical purposes only.

If you and your associate are using the software to work on a commercial or professional project (which is implied in your statement), then your associate is in violation of the EULA and must purchase Pro.

or they can use the SketchUp Viewer v2018…



if they didn’t want to process further.

Thank you for suggesting Sketchup Viewer. It works perfectly for the issue I had. Bob

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Thank you for suggesting Sketchup Viewer. It was the perfect solution. Bob

Hello @runrhahn,

Your specific scenario is a primary rationale for the existence of SketchUp Viewer. I offer my apology to you for not suggesting it myself and I appreciate @john_drivenupthewall, @mics_54, & @sketch3d_de for mentioning this to you.

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