Can't open 2018 files in 2017 Make?

Please help my customers can’t open and work in my files made in Sketchup 2018 in their Sketchup Make 2017 and we can’t find a Sketchup Make 2018.

Save your files as an earlier version and send them that.

There is no SketchUp 2018 Make. As Box indicates, it’ll be up to you to save back to a version they can open using File>Save as…

Other alternatives:

  1. Upload your 2018 model to the 3D Warehouse as a public model. After a (usually short) processing time, others can download it from the Warehouse in their choice of formats. (May not be feasible depending on your intellectual property concerns/attitudes)

  2. Use Trimble Connect to share your models with specific individuals. Disclaimer: I’m not sure if Trimble Connect offers multiple versions of your model to people to whom you’ve allowed access.

You can save down to SketchUp 2017 file format from SketchUp 2018 if your clients need to access your models in old versions of SketchUp Make. Alternately, you can direct your customers to the (new) SketchUp Free which is fully compatible with SketchUp 2018 files.

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SU Viewer 2018 works also…

and they can’t modify your drawings…


Sorry - 2018 is only Pro - stupid of me. Thanks, John, for the correction.

@john_mcclenahan, I happen to see what you wrote just before withdrawing your post.
With that quote included it sort of looked like you were telling @jbacus he should use the pro version… to make it legal. :smile: :wink:
I was considering of liking your post.

Just as well, then, that I withdrew it before making a further fool of myself!

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