Difference between free su 2018 and su make 2017


finally got my new computer and the chance to upgrade to make 2017, but I find only free version of 2018 is web based.

what are the differences between free su 2018 and su make 2017 ?

any pros or cons ?


SketchUp Free is an online version of SketchUp that requires an internet connection. I am also pretty sure that SketchUp free does not allow the use of plugins or integration of coding.

SketchUp Make 2017 is basically a free version of SketchUp that can be used offline and allows you to use plugins and use more extensive settings. You do not have complete access of everything that the Pro version contains, but the Make version is a much closer representation than the online Free version.

I hope this helps, and if I have made any mistakes or forgotten anything, hopefully someone else will address it.


Thank you very much for the clarification. I think I will go with SU Make 17 since it will be closer to what I have used in the past.


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