Free desktop version for MacOS

Besides the free SketchUp for the web, is there a free desktop version for MacOS? If so where can I download it please?

You can get SketchUp 2017 Make at and like SketchUp Free, it is available for hobby use.

Thanks. What do you recommend to use for hobby use? the Free Web version or the desktop version 2017?

It depends on what you want to model and what you want to do with the models once you’ve created them. Both are very useful and each has some advantages over the other.

I’m a total newbie. I never use SU before. The concept of 3D is just cool and I’m a visual guy so I want to check the tool out. I don’t have anything particularly to model using SU. Just curious about the tool that’s all.

One thing I can think of with 2017 Make free version is it’s not up to date like the web version. Any other advantages and disadvantages of both versions do you mind listing them? Which one do you recommend?

Principal advantage as I see it is that Make can use plugins. Some plugins just make things easier but you could use native tools to do them instead.

Other plugins do things that the native tools either can’t do at all, or can’t do without unreasonable effort.

There’s little in the 2019 web version that isn’t in Make 2017 - I think there are a few features, but off the top of my head I can’t remember any,. However, the small number is very slowly growing.

For myself, if I didn’t have Pro, but only needed SU for hobby use, I’d go for Make. It’s not dependent on a good internet connection after download and installation, for day to day use. And it’s easier to save your models locally…


the SU Make version 2017 may impose some issues in connection with recent macOS versions, explicitly macOS v10.15 ‘Catalina’.

And check out the starter tutorial vids before fiddling around w/o clue.