Sketchup 2019 Web only?

New here, and when it comes to computers, Im pretty much in the dark ages still.

Anyways, I use SU2015 and was considering 2019. I really cant afford to buy the program and now SU make is available online only? Meaning you need to be connected online to even use it?

Thanks in advance

For hobby use like yours there are two options. You can use SketchUp Free which is browser based or you can use SketchUp 2017 Make which is desktop based.

The browser version requires an internet connection to get it open although once it is open, you only need the connection for saving back to the web or accessing the 3D Warehouse.

Dave, thats actually pretty good news to me. I thought it would need a consistent connection.

Thanks for your reply!


You’re welcome.

I’ve opened SketchUp Free on my computer and then unplugged the modem so there’s no internet connection and then proceeded to spend an hour or so modeling. No problems at all. Autosaves can’t be made so you have to remember to save manually sometimes.

There are a number of benefits to the web version that make it at least something to investigate. You can run it even on cheapo computers like Chrome Books or you could run it on a friend’s computer or on a school computer and access your models without installing the desktop version. You get the most recent version every time you open it, too. I expect as a hobbyist user you would find it satisfactory.

Im in SU 2019 now. So far, Im thinking I wont be able to customize my toolbars, plugins and extensions?


The web version does not allow you to customize toolbars or use plugins and extensions.

SU2019 is a desktop version. It will allow you to customize toolbars and you can use extensions and plugins but if you have no intention of buying the license, there’s little point spending time setting it up. Better to go to SU2017 Make.

If you are using it for more than just a hobby, though, you would need SketchUp Pro and 2019 is the current pro version.

What were the upgrades made from 2015 to the 2017 version? Is it worth the hassle to upgrade ?


There are numerous bug fixes since 2015. Those happen every year. The 3D Warehouse no longer supports versions older than 2017. There’s a tray arrangement for the utility panels that was added in 2016 or 2017 (I forget which) .

If you are going to install it, make sure you do it correctly. That requires logging into Windows as you normally do, right clicking on the SketchUp installer and choosing Run as administrator. If you install it any other way, it will be wrong.

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The major downside to the web version is the lack of extensions/plugins.

Fortunately, SU 2017 Make still supports extensions. If you need a free version of SketchUp for personal use that is what I would recommend.

… and you can customize the panel tray system as well.

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Not modelling related, but Trimble Connect‘s 3D viewer has an API

Also see this thread:

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