Web-based Sketchup Shop - What a nightmare!

I’ve been messing around with Sketchup 2017 for a bit - sorta test driving the program. So, I decided to drop $123 on the web based program…thinking it would look like SU2017. Good grief.

Where can I find a user manual specifically for the web-base version of SU Shop?!

I’m going to lose my mind on this…or cancel my subscription real fast. What a nightmare!

Any help is appreciated.

The web based interface is very different from the desktop program, it can take some getting used to, however almost all the same functionality is there, just with a new UI. If you continue to progress with SketchUp, either web based Shop or desktop based Pro you will soon be employing keyboard shortcuts for the various tools and then the differences in the toolbars begin to matter less and less. And as you use it more the layout of the online UI begins to feel more familiar and the logic of the stacked info windows up the right side makes sense.

Here is a series of Skill Builder videos done completely in SketchUp Free (same system as Shop). It’s a good series to watch to get your bearing in that User Interface.