Set of web based only tutorials?

A few questions and an opinion.
Is there a beginning web based only set of tutorials?
When I began to type this a screen covered 1/2 of this screen saying my topic was similar to “Is there a tutorials for the web version of SketchUp?”. I clicked on it and though the back screen showed Smokey asking the question I saw no replies. Was I suppose to click something to see replies or ?
I’m particularly interested at this point on using components. I’m hesitant as I watch the Pro tutorials as I am not clear on what parts to ignore, do differently, don’t exist for Shop. I turned something into a component but can’t figure out how to make copies for starters.
Will upgrading to Pro get me back to the old free at least? I don’t recall all my old options. I have a stack of sketchup-free projects I drew up years ago. I built a bathroom with it and positioned an outbuilding according to the sun path with the free one. Now retired and coming back, I decided to progress with the plan to upgrade as my skill increased. I bought the lowest subscription and find it is vastly less. The Pro is much more affordable than it was before. If it gets me back to the old free one it fits my budget. Maybe it’d turn into a tiny side business
Is there a whining screen? :confused:
Thanks for your patience while I get restarted.

SketchUp Web is more powerful than it seems. Almost everything you see done in Desktop is available in Web, but requires leaning heavily into the search button on the little toolbar to locate (and assign hotkeys to) the functions you see in Desktop tutorials.

Example of a critical function you can assign a shortcut to, View Hidden Geo:

Easier-to-use than the Desktop hotkey process.

The Skill Builder how-to series specifically highlights Web-available techniques quite often.

SketchUp Skill Builder

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Thank you Brian.
I’ll learn more about those hotkeys. I’m looking forward to building those skills but Is there a Shop or web based only tutorial Series that builds on top of the earlier lessons so I can fill in any gaps I haven’t the ability or even awareness of missing?
If not then you give me more confidence that a desk based tutorial will include web application differences and maybe even let me know which videos can’t be done in web so I don’t spend too much time trying to force or find a work around.

If you are still only using SU for personal non-commercial projects, you can still download and use SU 2017 (called Sketchup Make 2017) from

It starts as a 30day trial of SU Pro, but reverts to the free Make version after that if you don’t enter a licence (which you can no longer buy), and accept that your use is non-commercial.

Unlike any of the web based versions (Free, Shop or SU for Schools) it can use plugins and extensions, which greatly enhances its usability. Most extensions or plugins will still work in SU Make, with a few exceptions.

As others have said, though, Shop can do pretty much anything that the desktop version of Pro can do without plugins or extensions, although its interface is radically different.

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Pivoting to Make is another option to consider.

Most tutorials on Youtube either hint in the title (“Using Native Tools”) or announce in the introduction whether they will be using extensions. As long as a given How-To isn’t using extensions, it should be close to 100% Web-inclusive. And everything in the SketchUp Fundamentals course is Web-inclusive (as far as I remember?).

Regarding your OP point about copying, that’s covered in Copy and Arrays in that course plus the nice Skill Builder overview of copying with Rotate. Components are copied the same way as everything else (plus an additional option, retrieval from the Components tray).

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Thank both you and @brianmowrey,
I think working in Make and then graduating to Pro may be the straightest path. And since I’ve paid for a year of shop and have found a youtube set of basic lessons I guess I’m pretty much set.
Another question. My acct says I have a 30 day trial of Studio ending on 2/17. How do I access that? Just click on the product, I’m guessing? Just correct me if I’m wrong. I’m starting to think I’ll have a wide though shallow learning curve over the next couple mos. It could be a good foundation to start.
Thanks again :slight_smile: