Desktop Tutorials (Tutorials without Web)

I’d like to “work” the tutorials directly from the desktop (without having to access the web). Is that possible?

What version of SketchUp do you have? If the web version, no. If the desktop Pro version, yes.

Well, there’s no shortage of books available for learning SketchUp and/or Layout. As for anything else, it’s likely going to require you to access a website.

I have the desktop version- How do I get/use the non-web tutorials??

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SketchUp Campus

LOL… That’s the Web!!

that’s confusing… :slight_smile:

most of the tutorials on this link are related to sketchup Pro, the desktop app.
however yes, they are hosted online. As Wataru explained, tutorials are usually online, or eventually in books. Like this one, by some “Sketchup Guy”. but it’s an intermediary book, you’ll need some basics first

When you say “that’s the web”, can you explain a bit ?

  • is your problem with the fact that the tutorials are currently hosted online ?
  • is your problem with the fact that the tutorials are about the web version of SU and not the desktop one ?

I believe they mean that they want videos that are available for download so that they can be played without internet connection or web browser. If so, the answer is no for the training content that SketchUp produces. I do not know of anyone who allows their videos to be downloaded but perhaps there’s one out there,

My initial post (I think/hope) asked if there was a version of the tutorials than “ran” off-line. Some years ago, I believe, the tutorials were accessed from “within” the program. At least that’s how I remember it, and the lesson progress/results seemed to be integrated as kind of an included “package” of the program. …and therefore didn’t require a browser.
I’m leaving Lots of room to be wrong about this and I can surely live with having to endure the browser, but I’d rather not if I don’t Have to.
If anybody knows how I could make this happen, I’d like to know, but if not… …well, let’s hope that’s the worst problem I have this year!!
In any event, thanks to all who offered advice; much appreciated.


I don’t remember that tutorials like the ones on sketchup campus could be accessed from the program, you can however add the instructor tray from Window/Default Trays/Instructor, it will show you how to use any native tool that you choose on your working space.

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