Sketchup Go Tutorials

I just started my paid subscription with Sketchup Go for web. The Trimble Campus has a very helpful 12 step beginning tutorial, which I completed on day 1 - but, all of the other tutorials in the Fundamentals Block are listed as “coming soon” - any idea when these will be available? I am trying to get up and running quickly and rather frustrated that it seems none of the tutorials actually exist.

Thanks for the post @sunset. Sorry to say but company policy forbids us to comment on that sort of thing. I wish I had the ability to share more information but I can’t.

If you are looking to do something specific with SketchUp, I am happy to point you in the right direction of other tutorials you can access. There are many people who create awesome content on sites like YouTube that cover different topics. All I need to know is what you are trying to get SketchUp to do.

Additionally, the only major differences between the desktop version and Go is the inclusion of extensions and a different UI. Non-Go tutorials should still be applicable to the web version.

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