Sketchup GO tutorial

I’ve just transitioned to Sketchup Go online. I’ve decided to bite the bullet and do a tutorial. I’m past the beginner’s tutorial.
I’ve searched Youtube for tutorials for the web version, but most of them are for the non web version and that doesn’t do me much good because the tools are in different places.
I’m looking for a series of tutorials that:

  1. Speak English without a bad accent.
  2. Are loud enough to be heard.
  3. Leads me through a series of tutorials…Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, etc.
  4. CAD in black looks like it would be great, but I just can’t understand the guy.


Have you gone through the SketchUp for Web: Fundamentals at

Since you are now using SketchUp Go please correct your forum profile.

In addition to the learn course Dave pointed to, this video gives an overview of the differences in the web version:

It’s two years old, so some things have changed, but if you know the desktop version already this might get you up to speed quickly on where to find the tools in the web version.