List of Pro commands which are not available in Web?

I have a new Sketchup Go (Sketchup for Web) subscription, which I hope to use to build a home floor plan. I’m struggling to learn the basics of object creation and editing, and finding a lot of possibly useful tutorials on YouTube.

Here’s the problem: Most of the YouTube videos assume that viewers are using Sketchup Pro, not the Web version. The videos assume that watchers have access to extensions and other Pro-only features, and seldom call out these features as unavailable in the Web version.

So that I can make sense of these videos, I would like to have a complete list of Pro features which are not available in Web. Such a list would save me from wasting time trying to find non-existent features in Web.

Simply upgrading to Pro is out of the question for me; if that is the only choice, I will try to find an alternative application.

Thank you.

It’s difficult to do tutorial videos that cover both versions at the same time because the UI is so different between them.

Other than the UI and extensions in Pro, the only thing that is really different is Geo location feature. In Pro you can get terrain and imagery. In Go you only get a map. All of the modeling tools work the same way. Oh, and with Go, no LayOut for documentation.

Thank you.

So it seems that I’m on my own to figure out when a tutorial is using an extension and not a “native” SU feature.

Do you know of any YouTube tutorial authors who stick to the Web/Go version? Or any source of Web work-arounds for commonly used Pro extensions or features?

At least the tutorials I do always refer to extensions by name if I’m using extensions. The tutorials done by the SketchUp folks also refer to extensions of they use them. There’s no way to control what others do. There are a lot of videos called tutorials that really aren’t.

I don’t know of specific tutorials for SketchUp Go other than some on the SketchUp YouTube channel. It hasn’t been around as long as the desktop version so there won’t be as many tutorials specifically for Go.

As for workarounds it depends on exactly which extension you are thinking of or what it is you are trying to accomplish.

Searching YouTube is likely to give mostly desktop results. For the fundamentals, the learn page has one entry for desktop, and another for web. The desktop one has 37 lessons, and web has 39 lessons. So, most fundamentals are in both sets of lessons.

You would start on this page:

Here’s the direct link to the web one, you would start by clicking the Enroll for Free button:

Thank you. I will take a look at the “learn” collection!

Of which only the 12 Quick Start lessons are available.
The rest is still “coming soon”

Good point. Maybe @TysonK can give us an update on the progress.