SketchUp web, SketchUp Go 2022

What is the difference between SketchUp Go (for web browser) and SketchUp web. I’m currently learning SketchUp web.

SketchUp Go is the name of the subscription. It includes the paid for web version, and the iPad app as well.

If you’re currently learning the free version of the web application, it’s the same as the paid version that comes with SketchUp Go, but some of the features in Go are not in the free version. Those include extra importers and exporters, customizing materials, and a few other things that I’m forgetting!

Main thing is that everything you learn with the free version will still apply to the Go version.

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Thanks. For example, the free version does not have the “Follow me” tool and the “soundbox” command. Are these commands available in the “go” version? Sorry for my bad english if that

The free version does have Follow Me.

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Perhaps you mean Sandbox Tools? If so, neither web version has that.

One thing Colin didn’t include is that SketchUp Free is not for commercial use while SketchUp Go can be used for commercial work.

oh right, didn’t notice

how often do they usually use these tools? Wouldn’t their absence make my life harder? :))) I mean it

Who is “they”?

Hard to say. What do you plan to do with SketchUp? What kind of models? How will they be used?

please tell me what other features are missing in the “go” web version

There are a lot of possible things you might consider are missing from SketchUp Go if you need those features. If you don’t need them, you won’t miss them. You haven’t told us how you’ll be using SketchUp so it’s impossible for us to know.

buildings and various small architectural forms: benches, gazebos, lanterns

And how will you use these models?

I am a designer

So your use will be commercial and you’ll require SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Go. SketchUp Pro has the ability to use a huge variety of extensions that add capabilities that you don’t have with the native tools. SketchUp Pro includes LayOut for creating documentation from your SketchUp models. It also includes SketchUp Go.

Here’s an example of a shop drawing I made using SketchUp Pro and LayOut.

Curves were drawn using and extension. All of the dimensioning and text is done in LayOut and when printed there are full size patterns for the curved pieces. The materials list was generated automatically using an extension.

yes, I know

Thank you. In the end, is the Go version right for me?

Based on what I was able to interpret regarding your usage intent, I think you will want to be able to expand the capability with extensions so you will want Pro. I also think you will want to be able to use LayOut.