Differences between SketchUp and SketchUp Pro

Hello Everyone,

I’ve just started to use SketchUp Free and am thinking about upgrading to SketchUp (£95) as can’t really afford SketchUp Pro (£235).

Does anyone know if the layout, menus, functionality etc of SketchUp will be the same as SketchUp Free or will it be the same as SketchUp Pro?

Also, if I buy SketchUp and decided I wanted to upgrade to SketchUp Pro, do I have to pay the full £235 or would the price be £140 (£235 - £95)

So you are referring to upgrading to SketchUp Go, which is web based like Sketchup Free, right?

The arrangement of tools and such are the same in Sketchup Free and SketchUp Go. You’ll get more tools with SketchUp Go along with more import/export file types and some added features in your trimble Connect account.

SketchUp Pro (the desktop version) looks different and can be customized to show the tools you need. SketchUp Pro can be extended with a wide range of extensions that can make it easier to do some types of modeling and many other things. You also get LayOut which is useful for creating documentation from your models.

If you are using SketchUp commercially you definitely need either Sketchup Go or SketchUp Pro (which includes Go)

As forthe upgrade from Go to Shop, I think they prorate the price depending on how long it is between when you buy the subscription for Go and then upgrade to Pro.

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Thank you DaveR

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What kind of work will you be using SketchUp for? Depending on your application, it may be worth it to spring for Pro, though I can attest to the prorating. It works exactly how DaveR described it. I switched from Shop (now Go) to Pro after about 3-4 months into my subscription, and they charged me a prorated difference to the current month.
I’m probably making it sound more complicated than it is, the point is you’re not going to be charged the difference for those months you were using Go, and it’s not going to extend your subscription past that initial year.
Something else to keep in mind is that SketchUp occasionally runs sales on Pro, so if you go with… well, Go, you can wait and see if any deals show up and make the switch then.

Thank you wataru.kannuzuki

There’s a 20% off deal at the moment, so maybe I should just do as you suggest. I much prefer the user interface of Pro. I’m hoping to use SketchUp to design the interior of a horse lorry, so the Pro features may be fun to use.

Thanks again for responding.

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