Sketchup Free vs Sketchup Go or Pro

I am currently using the Free package to draw out plans of a new home my family is moving into. Would it make sense to upgrade to Go or even Pro so that I can create better renditions of the home with the family. Then is it possible to import the Free models into Go or Pro without having to redraw.
Thanks for the help

All SketchUp files are the same so you can open them using any version of SketchUp.

If you are doing this for fun (as opposed to making money) Free is fine, if your international is just to have a model to see, walkthrough, and maybe help you to do things like place furniture. If you need to do things like generate plans, then you probably want Pro so you can use the power of the desktop software and LayOut.

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Freudian slip perhaps, I’m guessing the word you wanted was Files.


Ugh… yeah…, FILES.

Been a long couple of months… going back to bed. Try again tomorrow.


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