From SketchUp Free to SketchUp Pro


I’m currently using the free version of SketchUp but now need to save files as .dwxf or .dxf format. I gather I can only convert to these formats in the Pro version (so I’m led to believe).

So my question is, can I simply import my free drawings into Pro when I’ve taken out the subscription, or will I need to start from scratch?

Many thanks guys for any help here.


All versions of SketchUp (from a given vintage or version) can read the same files - Free, Shop, School, Pro, Studio, etc. Newer versions of SketchUp can read files created by older versions, but older versions cannot read files created by newer versions (unless an extension is used, which I seem to recall is Windows-only for the desktop-based variants of SketchUp).

You can download the .skp file then open it in Pro.

Many thanks TDahl. Am I right in thinking that I DEFINITELY can’t download a SketchUp Free file as a .dfx file?

Appreciate the help.

No problem :slightly_smiling_face:

You cannot export a .dxf file from SketchUp Free. You can, however export .dxf files from SketchUp Shop and SketchUp Pro. Depending on exactly what you are modeling you may be able to manage with just SketchUp Shop but it might be that SketchUp Pro is more suitable and that it might make sense to use LayOut between the SketchUp model and the .dxf output.

Thanks Dave,

I don’t know what the differences are between Shop and Pro but I’m drawing 3D house drawings to obtain planning permission.


Shop is a web-based version that has more features than SketchUp Free and the license also permits commercial use of the software which isn’t granted with SketchUp Free.

What is it that you actually have to present to the Council to get planning permission? Do they want .dxf files or do they need documents, perhaps as PDF files? It might make more sense to use SketchUp Pro and LayOut. LayOut is the documentation side of things. You can set up views of your model in LayOut and add dimensions, notes, and other information. Set page size to suit the council’s requirements (they often require a specific paper size) and then export a PDF to print or send via e-mail.

Creating scaled drawing sheets for construction documents or permission drawings out of your 3D model is way easier with the LayOut application that is included in the Pro package. Shop limits you to what amount to printed screenshots. Or you must assemble your drawing sheets in some other CAD or illustration package out of material exported from SketchUp.

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Many thanks - I think on balance it will be easier to get Pro rather than Shop in that case.

It costs more and you need a computer capable of running it (basically with a dedicated graphics card) but you don’t have to invent workaround upon workaround to get things done.

Thanks, I’ve a MacBook Air so I think I should be OK on the graphics card.

Appreciate the help Anssi.

Your profile indicates Windows. MacBook Airs don’t have dedicated GPUs, but they do run sketchup. Please update your profile with the correct hardware and operating system.

Thanks, will do that.