Converting SketchUp

Hello I’m looking to get some information I’m trying to get a drawing in SketchUp converted over to some file type that is recognized by fusion 360 to cnc file types how would I go about doing this? Any help would be Much appreciated.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? There is no current “Free Plan” “Desktop” version.

What are you modeling? SketchUp for Desktop (Pro/Studio) and SketchUp Go can export .dxf files which F360 can open. Or you could export .stl files or other options.

I do not know what version of sketchUp I’m using

SketchUp Free is a web based version. From that you could save a .stl file which F360 can open. I don’t remember but it may be able to open a .skp file, too. Output formats from SketchUp Free are limited as this is a hobbyist version for personal use only. If you purchase a subscription to SketchUp Go or SketchUp Pro you’lll get many more export options.

Thanks for the quick response so I’ll need to update to a subscription to Export these files format

Again, the free web version can save .stl or the native .skp file types. If .stl will work for you, you should be good. If you need .dxf or other 3D file formats you’d need to go to a susbcription version so either Go or Pro or Studio. The latter two have more capabilities that you may find useful depending on what you are modeling and how you need to use the model.