Skp to CAD (dxf)

Hi there,
I’ve finally learned how to use sketchup and have designed a range hood.
I now want to transfer the drawing to a CAD format (.dxf), but is it not possible to do this in the free version?

This is a one-time hobby thing that I would need, so is there a way to do it without going with the pro version?

Hope someone can guide me in the right direction or help!
2 (6).skp (292.3 KB)

Hire someone with SketchUp Pro to do it?

There are some CAD applications that can import a .skp file. Some of those are free. You could use one of those.

Hi Dave,
Thanks for the reply!

Yes - good idea. Anybody here up for it?

Or do you know the names of one of the free programs?

Post in the Commercial and Collaboration category.

I’d offer to do it but I haven’t got any available time at the moment.

FreeCAD will import .stl files which can be exported from SketchUp Free.

Thanks Dave - just a last shot - any free programs that will import the skp file and then export as dxf?

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Maybe look at Fusion 360.

If its a one of you could download a the trial version of pro for 7 days.

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@sketchup5 See if these will work for you. They were done in SU 2020 using Eneroth Unfold Tool and SimpleDXF plugin. (303.0 KB)

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pCon Planner will do it. Good luck

Dave; unfortunately Fusion 360 could not do it, at lease not in the free version. Thanks for the input though!

Tom; great idea, thanks!

mpoole: thanks a lot for your help!

Sean: Thanks a lot for the input - will look into it!