Convert from SKP to ------ ANYTHING!

I’ve been using SketchUp since it was first introduced.
What a great 3D modeling program!
Lately, I’ve been ‘playing’ with CNC (Shapoko 3 with a brushless spindle and a small, burning/ cutting laser) and making small parts that I draw up in CAD.
Recently. I got a copy of a set of plans for a radio control boat and I though it would be cool to trace them and make the parts on my CNC.

I have tried (almost) every conversion program out there!
I have plug-ins and extensions (SketchUcam and Guitar-List) for converting skp to dxf but what I get are drawings that either don’t work in any of my cad programs or are grossly out of scale.
I’m about ready to just 3D print all the parts and abandon the CNC unless someone can the right way to convert these drawings.

I really love SketchUp and I’m pretty good at it but I just can’t seem to figure this one out.
You suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

I don’t know about the plugins, but the Pro version DWG/DXF export uses your current model units to export. If you are exporting 2D views, the view must be in Parallel Projection for you to be able to export to scale. A Perspective view has an arbitrary scale and distortion.

Are your CAD/CNC applications expecting some other model unit than what your exports are using?


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Have you looked at Vectric software? It’ll import SKP files and go directly to CNC.

Otherwise you should be considering getting SketchUp Pro so you can export DXF/DWG files.

Parallel Projection?
Now THAT makes sense. I’ll try that.
Unfortunately my plug-ins are outputting some strange file extensions.
One puts out file that have NO extension. A “properties” inquiry says it’s a “File”.
Attempting to decode that bit of information revels that it’s a “Meta File” what ever that is!!
The other puts out .cnc extensions.
Hey, that could be G-Code.
Better look at that.

doesn’t it accept .stl files?

there’s an extension for that…


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