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Hey folks, could someone do me a huge favor? I started a simple project in my pro version and was able to export most of the files I needed to DXF for a CNC metal cutting project. I have one file left to export and my trial has expired. I use the program for maybe one project a year and don’t have any additional use for the .DXF feature so I am loathe to drop the dough for a program that will collect dust after this one function. Would anyone be willing to import and export this file to .DXF for me?

Thanks in advance!

You could either download another trial on another PC or laptop if you have one, or Google ‘SketchUp 7 free download’ for an old SketchUp 7 download which still had free DXF import/export, even on the free version.

If the above doesn’t work post the file and I’ll convert it for you.

Kenny, thanks for your reply. Don’t have another pc or mac and can’t run the old 7 version on my current OS. I’ll go ahead and upload the file.

Thanks Kenny!

Each of the images in the file need to be converted as separate .dxf or .dwg (preferably dfx files). Sizing isn;t important. Thanks big time Kenny. I was silly to let me trial expire before making these conversions. East Lake final CNC files.skp (727.3 KB)

Matt, 4 separate dxf files are attached.Hopefully these will be suitable.
East Lake final CNC files1.dxf (554.4 KB) East Lake final CNC files2.dxf (374.7 KB) East Lake final CNC files3.dxf (859.1 KB) East Lake final CNC files4.dxf (669.7 KB)

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@Kenny Correction: SketchUp 8 was the free commercial version from our Google days. We no longer post or support that version. Thanks for being a sport and converting those files for Matt. Superstar!