General CAD file converter


This is not directly sketchup related. But would be very handy. I used to have very good FREE software for converting all kinds of CAD files to another CAD format (dwg, dxf, stl, obj, step, 3ds, … many more). It could also convert entire folders of files at once and would show the progress. I can’t find it anymore. Google only shows me converters with trial versions or converters that don’t always seem to succeed., or can’t do entire batches/folders of files…

Please let me know what is your favourite Cad converter software? Maybe I’ll find it again :wink:

Thank you very much

Perhaps you were using Autodesk’s free FBX Converter?

free stuff:
• DXF/DWG: Teigha f. Windows & Mac OS
• DWG: DWG TrueView f. Windows
• STL: Netfabb Basic f. Windows Legacy (no download from maker anymore because bought by ADesk * sigh * > use download option “Manuelle Installation” for unwrapped setup file)
• Mesh Formats: MeshLab f. Windows & Mac OS

Thank you!! Apparently I had multiple. Meshlab and Teigha viewer were my favourites! Thank you so much for helping me finding them.