File Format Conversion


I am using the free version, what is the best way to convert to an auto cad file format?DXF, DWT, DWG?


Exporting “cad” formats like the ones you listed, is a PRO only feature.


I found a free plugin for you to try. My very brief testing (using SketchUp 8) found that it seems to do what it claims. It shows up on the “Tools” menu as “Export to DXF or STL” after you drop it in the Plugins folder.

converter.rb (10.3 KB)


Thanks, I will try it. I cannot test the new format but am sending it to my
brother to test. I will let you know.


I tested this plugin using 2015 Make and it seems to work like it should. As a test, I created this simple part:

I used the plugin to export it as a “polyface mesh” and uploaded it to to see what it would look like in AutoCAD: