How to make a dxf file?


I’m new to SU community.
I just made a model for a staircase, and I need to make or export a DXF file for the CNC production, which I don’t do myself by the way. I tried to but what I need is a “flat” file, with only a line drawing. How do I get started with that? Anyone a tip for a good instructional video?



Set the Camera to Parallel Projection, select the appropriate standard view, and then export as a DXF file.

Sounds like before you get too far into things, you should spend some time learning the fundamentals at

I did some learning on the fundamentals some time ago, but to make a dxf file is new. I tried Google chrome to view the dxf before I send it to the cmc operator, but all I see is symbols, characters and numbers.
are there some useful plugins at extension warehouse?
Thanks for the tip,

You need some sort of CAD program or viewer to view the file. You could also import the CAD file into LayOut or SketchUp to see what it looks like.

There are all sorts of useful extensions there but I don’t see anything in your thread so far that suggests the need for any extensions.

It’s worth watching all of this video, in which Aaron shows a way of exporting the DXF as 3D, in order to get true curves:

One thing he doesn’t mention is that in the export options you can turn off Faces. That way you don’t have to go around and delete faces first.

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You can get a free viewer for AutoCad files like DXF and DWG - google for Download TrueView.

And there are others - Google search will help you find one you like, if you want to try others.

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the person in the video mentions the source from where he got that information and the suggestion that it’s worthwhile to visit that, but I could nit understand what he said, nor is there a link or so, did you got it?

The full presentation is here:

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