Sketchup Export to DXF file format

I have a cutting machine that works only with DXF file format.
I tried the 30-day-trial 2019 version. But the exported file didn’t work out. it looked gibberish to the DXF viewer.

Do I have to buy the full version to get the workable DXF file.
It’s a lot easier to work with Sketchup than AutoCAD.
I will try my best to stick with Sketchup.
Thank you for your comment.

Looked like gibberish doesn’t really tell us much. It might have been the way you set up the model in the first place or some setting in the DXF export. If you share the SKP and DXF files so we can see what you started with and what you ended up with, we can give you some guidance.

The DXF export is fully functional in the trial version. As you go forward you will need either SketchUp 2019 or SketchUp SHop to be able to export DXF files.

By the way, plase correct your profile. Currently it shows you are using two different versions of SketchUp and doesn’t show the graphics card.

Just today I learned from Aaron that the 2D and 3D DXF exporters work in different ways. To get the best file for your cutting machine, design the outlines flat on the ground, delete any faces, and export the edges as DXF 3D.

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Can you post what you had in SU and what the exported DXF looks like?

There are extensions …

Garry’s latest … (read the thread from the top if interested in how it came about and how it changed.)

There may also be one around that @thomthom wrote for laser cutters.

Reason being, the 3D DXF export preserves circle and arc entities while 2D DXF export does not.
I also find it helps to draw the arcs in counterclockwise direction and never use Flip on the geometry.

The profile of this aluminum rear carrier was a 3D DXF exported from SU.
It was cut on a CNC waterjet.