SketchUp Make- exporting for Laser cutting- all kinds of problems- How to Do?

I am new to SketchUp. I have designed a beehive which I want to get laser cut. I have got to the stage where I have all the faces of my parts laid out on panels the size of the timber I will be cutting- I am ready to export the file for cutting…

This is where my trouble has started: I have the trial version of sketch up so I cannot export dxf files. I got the chap who is doing the laser cutting to download the trial version of Sketch Up so he can output my cutting skf file as a dxf which he has done. This is where the troubles have started. He has opened the file and copied the data over to Corel draw. He says once in corel none of the lines connect anymore and he has to manually connect them all for the laser. He also says circles aren’t real vector circles but composed of many lines. They need to be repaired and/or replaced. My plan has many small 1/32" screw holes marked- he says none of them are true circles and must all be replaced.

there are several issues: one- even with the ability to output dxf the files don’t seem to translate correctly as true vector files into Corel. TWO: given that I only have sketchup make: how can I create files that can be used in the real world to actually cut things- from the models I make in sketch up? Surely there must be an easy way to actually make use of the files I have created?

I hope my questions are not too stupid- I have googled- and read- and tried to find the answers myself but it is proving very difficult. I have tried to output PDF’s but can’t work out how to get a usable file from them.

I did find this plug in- but it doesn’t seem to work- when i try download I just get redirected to a page of gibberish.

I also tried outputting a PDf file as vector on mac- but can’t seem to make that work either.

DXF/DWG export is limited to the SketchUp Pro version which is needed for any commercial use anyhow.

The first 30 days the trial versions of SU Make runs as the full blown Pro version incl. the DXF/DWG import/export filter.

For exporting true circles/arcs and not an interpolation by a bunch of lines use the DXF/DWG 3D export even having 2D geomtry only. Check the DXF/DWG export options too if doing that.

The hybrid PDF format is in general nothing to use for a 2D CAD data exchange.

If you are a teacher by any chance, you can get Sketchup Pro for free. What an awesome company to offer it every year.