SU for Schools and Laser Cutters

SketchUp for Schools has been developed for use with 3D printers, but what about laser cutters? The basic need is to export an image that can be imported into laser cutter software.

My laser cutter software does import dxf files and SU for Schools does supposedly export them, but the last I saw of that was a pop-up telling me that my export has begun. I have no idea whether it finished or where it went. Can anyone help me understand what the process is with exporting dxf files?

Otherwise, the easiest file format for me would be svg files. I can do that by downloading the model into an earlier version of SU to open using SU Make with a suitable extension installed (Facesvg for example) but I am looking for a process that is simple and reliable enough for my students to use. I do consider it acceptable to expect my students to use the tools from the Views menu to rotate the model to a specific orientation and change the camera to parallel to make this work. So, SU developers, please could you consider that as a feature request?

Does anybody have any other suggestions?

When you export it takes a while to convert it and store it ‘in the cloud’.
You can then find it by clicking the three bar icon top left and then the Imports/Exports tab. You get a list there from which you can download.

Thank you. I found the exported dxf file.

It almost worked too. I was able to import the file into my laser cutter software, but a little section was cut off from one side. Probably something I did, I will try again.