Online version : DXF too large after importing in Laserworks


I made a square sized 80 x 80mm in Sketchup Online (for schools). Then I export to DXF 2D (camera parallel and viewed from the top) The scale is 1:1, version Autocad 2013.
After importing in Laserworks its size is 92 x 92mm.
What do I do wrong?

Share the files to get an answer that isn’t just informed guesswork.

Test4(1).dxf (75.3 KB)

Test4.skp (198.2 KB)

Hope this will be OK.
The size has to be just like the upper square. 80 by 80mm. You can see left above it is 92mm.

Check this one and see if it is the right size. I opened the .skp in Sketchup for Web and exported the .dxf. It measures correctly for me.
Test4.dxf (75.3 KB)

I see other sizes when I export. See below
How comes that? I just export to DXF 2D…

Do you mean the ones on the right?

That’s showing the dimensions of the model window. They’d be different because you don’t have your model window set to the same size I do. It really shouldn’t matter as long as your model fits within the model window space.

But when I import the DXF into Laserworks, the size is much bigger as a drew in Sketchup up. 92mm instead of 80mm. How do you explain that and what must I do to get de right size?

Don’t you need SU Pro to export .dxf files?

I have an Edu-license with my schools microsoft-account. Export to DXF works for educators.

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Ah so SU for schools can export dxf?