Can some help save a part i made as a dxf so I can have it machined


I created a simple part in sketchup for my quadcopter that I need to save as a dxf file so that I can have it cut out of carbon fiber. I don’t have sketchup pro and I don’t know any other way to get it to a dxf file so that I can have it made. Can someone please help me out?

I have tried to import the part into meshlab to convert it but for some reason meshlab wont open on my laptop.


Upload it, dude.



topplate.stl (742.5 KB) I guess that would help! didnt know I could do that.


It might be easier for someone to convert if you upload the original .skp file.


oops that is correct I uploadetopplate.skp (2.2 MB) d the wrong file


You need to purge your models to remove deleted things. Once purged your 2.2mb file becomes 347kb.

I don’t know if this is what you need, but you can try it.
Top Plate 1.dxf (1.6 MB)


thanks for the purge tip, didnt know anything about that! I’m pretty new to this. thanks for the dxf file. Im not sure it will work though lookin at it in the e drawing software it seems to have saved it as a picture of the 3d part so im not sure how a cnc machine will cut it. what I did is bring the part back to a 2d design. do you mind trying to save it using this new purged 2d model? I think that will give me exactly what I need!

topplate2.skp (130.6 KB)


Here you go.
topplate2.dxf (371.4 KB)

Do you want the ends to be smooth curves or do you want the facets?


Thanks so much! i wanted the ends to be smooth i think that will work!


How do I go about making the ends smoother?


You could try this one. I quickly redrew it retaining the arcs and circles rather than curves.
This should mean that it will export as true curves, rather than segments.
topplate231.dxf (245.9 KB)

For more info on smooth curves This thread talk about it in depth.


Again thanks so much for your help! I’m pretty new to this as this is my first thing I have ever designed.

This version looks much smoother when I view in on the cad viewer on my phone! there does seem to be a stray line on each end not sure if it will effect anything when I send it to be machined.

My main concern now is the rest of the design of the quadcopter. that top plate piece is supposed to sit just inside another piece I designed that will be 3d printed. Now I’m afraid I didn’t set enough arc segments to give the 3d printed part the desired rounded shape when printed.


Hello all! I know this is an older post, but I am brand new to sketch up. I am using Sketchup Make, the bosses don’t want to upgrade to Pro. But we have a client that uses only CAD programming. I need to send them a bunch of my models, they requested dxf extension. How did you guys convert droneflyer’s to dxf? Did you use a plug in or a downloadable program? I tried using FBX Converter but it just converted this tiny useless file that didn’t have my model… help please!


The best plan is probably to let your bosses know that the EULA prohibits use of SketchUp Make for any commercial work. Upgrade to SketchUp Pro and use the Export DXF command. It’s that easy!


Well now, that is going to put a damper on things. The hope is that some time in the near future I will learn CAD, in which case I will want to use my original Sketchup Files instead of building everything from scratch again. However, I think we may be moving to a different software instead of switching to Pro (we are all still figuring this 3D thing out haha). Is there any way around not getting Pro but still converting to dxf? (thanks for the heads up by the way!)


There are ways, but using them for commercial purposes violates the SketchUp EULA.


Your Boss should give you the guidance of what you can and cannot do. After all he / she probably has recourse to company legal advice and will have the background on what the program status is / was at the time when used form comerical work. They also then have the chance to go do the cost / risk trades on the plan approach going forward.
Isn’t that part of their job??
The deliverables required due the client should have been defined in Statement of work /MOU etc for the previous work performed and the software used should have been “legal” if required to meet that commitment. If someone decided to use make out side what is legal that is another matter. I had an engineer get me in legal issues for that very same type of reason, but not SU.